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  Introduction: What this Course is All About

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. It’s not about owning a business, selling products, or making lots of money. It’s about choosing to be creative in everything you do. It’s about treating life itself as an art. It’s about learning to see ordinary things in an extraordinary way. It’s about learning to approach everyday tasks with a sense of playfulness and adventure. Most importantly, entrepreneurship is about becoming a better version of yourself and inspiring others to do the same.

No matter what you choose to do with your life, there are two basic approaches you can take: 1) you can do what everyone else is doing, or 2) you can think like an entrepreneur and create your own unique path. This course will show you how to be entrepreneurial in whatever you do.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn:

  1. How to figure out what you want
  2. What to do when you don’t have a clue about what you want
  3. How to know if your ideas are good or not
  4. How to get what you need when you need it
  5. How to get along with other people
  6. How to make friends and connections
  7. How to find mentors and allies
  8. How to discover your unique talents
  9. How to create value for others
  10. How to make money without compromising your values
  11. How to build self-confidence
  12. How to create advantages for yourself in any situation
  13. How to ask good questions
  14. How to evaluate other people’s ideas without being taken advantage of
  15. How to develop a genuine passion for lifelong learning
  16. How to practically apply the things you learn
  17. How to make work fun
  18. How to develop new skills
  19. How to avoid things you don’t like doing without being dishonest or irresponsible
  20. How to disagree with people without being disrespectful
  21. How to learn from criticism without getting into conflict
  22. How to share your ideas with confidence and composure
  23. How to learn from failure
  24. How to make choices

How to Get the Most Out of this Course:

Information is only one small aspect of a good education. Anyone with an internet connection can find tons of information – it’s the easiest thing to find in today’s world.

So if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, the key element is learning how to think about information critically, creatively, and practically. This course will help you do all three of those things by giving you daily challenges, exercises, and questions designed to help you engage the materials at a high level.

Don’t limit yourself to just being a reader or a listener. There’s no value in scanning your eyes over the words on a page just to say “I finished the article.” Learning isn’t about impressing other people or chasing after rewards. It’s about opening your mind, unlocking your potential, challenging yourself to think outside the box, and figuring out ways to use information to create value.

How the Course is Structured:

This is a two-month course. For the first four weeks, each module contains a daily lesson, study activities for each lesson, a practical learning exercise, and a set of questions for reflection and discussion. The last four weeks consist of a 30-day challenge where the learner will complete a practical learning exercise every day and write about it on their personal blog.

You can contact me at anytime throughout the course to ask me questions about the material or get feedback on your work at I respond to every email.